Since I was a little girl I knew I was going to be a designer.

I knew drawing was my life.


I find myself fascinated every time I see a new venture come to life and there is a new energy, optimism and a strong desire to be innovative.

I love the creation of a new design, a new logo and a business card handed over proudly to a client.

These are the things that make someone feel somebody.


That's what I'm here for, to make your business stand out by creating a new and unique graphic language and to be with you through all your designing needs.


Over the years I have been dealing with all aspects of design.

I was studio manager and head designer for a well known graphic studio that specialized in packaging and image design, there I was responsible for the Coca- Cola challenging account.

I also designed for other companies such as Carlsberg, Tuburg, Tefron, Wingate, Getter, Prigat, Fanta and more…

I worked in ad agencies and I was the studio manager of a sales promoting office.


Today I am the proud owner of my own studio serving many loyal clients who have been with me for many years.


I would be delighted if you join my family of clients.

I would love to be part of a new beginning.